Monday, April 2, 2007

Bucharest AV

Bucharest AV
is an innovative project through which the initiators aim to create through a show a whole new sound universe: works by great composers transposed for a classic quartet (oboe, violin, viola, cello) and traditional percussion gain a new tonal and rhythmic dimension with the aid of a new musical instrument, the personal computer. In the same time, the music is accompanied by a visual commentary formed of a mix of static, pre-filmed, and live images; this is a video material similar to a musical improvisation. The innovation also comes from the fact that the subject of the images comes from the urban setting of Bucharest, the city where the nine artists involved in this project live and work. The discourse that connects music to image aims to create a new perception of contemporary music and to create opening through areas which the audience has not explored yet, through lack of information or available programs.

The nine artists taking part in this program are:
Vlaicu Golcea - jazz musician, composer, sound designer and producer. One of the most appreciated names of his generation. He is the one who transforms the PC in a live music instrument; Vlaicu believes that one cannot speak about music history without taking into consideration electronic music, given its presence and importance in the musical contemporary landscape.

Oana Maris (oboe), Oana Ropotan (violin), Eugen Bobeico (viola), Stefania Amarinei (cello) and Daniel Ivascu (percussion), are the five musicians of Allegria Quintet, formed in 2004. The quintet is well-known to audiences in Bucharest and the whole of Romania through their live performances.

Marius Sireteanu - arranger and conductor. He adapted repertory works for the classic quartet formula.
The visual commentary is ensured by Cosmin Bumbut - photo artist - and by Casa Gontz - video artist. They are two of the most valorous artists of the new generation. Their art combines in a discourse that complements music, thus offering the audience the opportunity to create their own metaphorical connections that spring from the music.